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Male Neck Lift Surgery 

Neck lifts may be a lesser-known plastic surgery option, especially amongst a growing number of procedures specifically aimed at men looking to improve their looks. However, male neck lifts are becoming increasingly common. After all, many cosmetic surgeries that target an area of the body such as the face and neck are sought after by both women and men who want to look and feel their very best. While neck lift surgery may seem as though it provides the same desired results in patients of both sexes, experienced plastic surgeons like the experts at Bronx Plastic Surgery always take gender-specific aesthetic concerns into consideration when discussing this procedure with potential male clients.

Patients in the Bronx and surrounding areas may consider male neck lift surgery if they are self-conscious about excess skin or deep lines on their neck. In addition to sagging skin in this area of the body that sometimes comes with age, many male patients cannot seem to get rid of that excess buildup of skin or fat underneath their chin. When a buildup of tissue at the top of the neck is especially concentrated in this area it may appear as a “double-chin.” The neck lift is designed to smooth the skin of the neck, as well as reduce the appearance of excess fatty tissue, to create a slimmer, shapelier neck contour. As this procedure is only recently beginning to gain more notoriety, patients are often surprised at the dramatic results that are possible after undergoing male neck lift surgery.

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