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Liposuction at Bronx Plastic Surgery is a procedure intended to assist in the removal of stubborn fat that will not go away by using traditional methods. Liposuction is a great plastic surgery procedure for patients experiencing difficulty in reaching their ultimate body goals through diet and exercise alone. This procedure can restore the body to the ideal figure patients have been dreaming of, resulting in an almost immediate boost in self-confidence and an overall sense of well being.

It is important to note that this procedure should not be used as a primary method for weight loss. Patients wishing to permanently maintain their new body following liposuction will need to stick to a structured diet and exercise program after surgery to maintain the results. Gaining weight after surgery can cause the fatty tissue to return, which ruins the results of the surgery.

Liposuction Procedure Overview

Prior to the procedure, the surgeon will go over the plan for treatment areas and discuss any last minute concerns that the patient may have. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation will then be administered.

During traditional liposuction surgery, the surgeon inserts a cannula (long, hollow needle) directly below the skin’s surface and removes the fat from the underneath the skin. The fat is suctioned out through a small vacuum or syringe that is attached to the cannula. When the liposuction procedure is complete, small drains may be placed in incisions to remove any excess blood or fluid, and elastic bandages or compression garments are applied to diminish swelling and compress skin.

 Results and Recovery

The new contours of your body will become more visible as the swelling reduces and the healing process begins. Consult with your doctor about proper nutrition and exercise following your liposuction procedure. Engaging in an active, healthy lifestyle and proper weight management is the key to maintaining your new body after liposuction.

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