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Breast Surgery in the Bronx

There are a wide variety of reasons for patients to explore the idea of having breast surgery. Some clients may choose surgical breast augmentation in order to reshape their breasts after dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. Others may opt for breast implants, or breast lift or breast reduction surgery. Many women consider the prospect of breast surgery for aesthetic reasons at some point in their adult lives, and some men also have concerns about this area of their body as well.

The expertly trained professionals at Bronx Plastic Surgery are experienced in providing specialized care to each patient, assessing the best treatment plan for every individual. Depending on whether the surgery is medically necessary and also taking desired results into account, our Board-certified surgeon will help you every step of the way of your journey, from consultation to surgery, and beyond. The most common breast surgery procedures requested at Bronx Plastic Surgery include:

Bronx Plastic Surgery – Breast Surgery Options

Dr. Robert Goldstein at Bronx Plastic Surgery delivers the highest-quality medical care at two convenient Manhattan and Bronx locations. Dr. Goldstein is not only an expert in the field of cosmetic surgery but also experienced in getting patients the results they want. At Bronx Plastic Surgery, we work with you to develop a comprehensive plan for breast surgery treatment, offering services including financial support and surgery recovery to facilitate the best possible client experience for you while in our care. Contact the professionals at our practice today to begin your own personal consultation.

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