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Did you know you could have plastic surgery to create dimples? Natural dimples on your cheeks may have eluded you, but now the experts at Bronx Plastic Surgery offer an innovative procedure to easily and effectively create dimples from under the surface of your skin, with minimal-to-no long-term scarring following the procedure. If you’ve always wanted dimples, now is your chance to visit the professionals at Bronx Plastic Surgery to receive a personal cosmetic consultation.

Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Robert Goldstein and Dr. Heather Erhard of Bronx Plastic Surgery have been performing dimples surgery in the Bronx and the surrounding New York area for years. The simple outpatient procedure is performed in our offices under local anesthesia and typically requires a recovery time of only 1-2 weeks. The procedure usually takes only 20-30 minutes. The master surgeons at Bronx Plastic Surgery always provide extensive information and take you through all available options for this procedure in your initial plastic surgery dimples consultation.

During plastic surgery for dimples, the surgeon makes an incision inside the cheek, which leaves no external scarring of the skin. Next, they will insert a small suture through the incision. The dimple is created where the suture catches the sub-surface of the skin, and the dimple becomes fully formed at the exact place where suture is tied. Your doctor will provide comprehensive details of the procedure during your individual consultation.

Is Dimples Surgery Right for You?

As with many timely and efficient outpatient procedures, getting plastic surgery for dimples is a relatively minor and virtually painless cosmetic enhancement process. Patient typically experience only minimal swelling and bruising and can usually return to normal activities within one day. Make an appointment today to visit one of our convenient Bronx or New York locations to learn more about how dimples surgery can benefit you!


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