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Liposuction, also sometimes called lipoplasty, combines surgery and suction to dislodge and remove fat deposits from a targeted area of the body. While more female patients than men tend to focus on slimming and smoothing their lower bodies through liposuction, this procedure can help clients from all walks of life sculpt not only their thighs and buttocks, but also their abdomen, neck, and even some areas of the face. More and more men are also becoming open to the idea of liposuction for various  stubborn areas that cannot be streamlined or toned through diet or exercise.

Whatever your body improvement goals for liposuction in the Bronx, the experts at Bronx Plastic Surgery are understanding and experienced in a broad range of plastic surgery techniques. Using the latest technology and industry innovations, Doctors Goldstein and Erhard provide comprehensive consultation, care and recovery at their conveniently located Bronx Plastic Surgery practice. Patients will learn all about various liposuction options—iLipo or traditional lipoplasty, for example—during their private consultation, as well as see before-and-after photos of previous patients who have undergone liposuction in the Bronx.

A liposuction procedure typically takes at least one hour per area being treated, under general anesthesia and as an outpatient procedure, depending on the technique being used. Your plastic surgery specialist may recommend a less invasive form of liposuction, such as ultrasound or laser lipo, which could require less recovery time and local anesthesia only in some cases. Conditions vary, however many patients report initial swelling and bruising has subsided after three weeks, and they are able to return to work or school within a few days following surgery.

Bronx Plastic Surgery – Liposuction Surgery

At Bronx Plastic Surgery, our professional surgeons and staff understand that improving your face and body through cosmetic procedures can dramatically improve your self-esteem as well as your appearance. Our collective goal is to exceed your highest expectations for the cosmetic results you want and the customer service standards you expect. If you’re considering streamlining your appearance, and you’d like to learn more about how our seasoned professionals can help fulfill your plastic surgery needs, contact the Bronx Plastic Surgery team today to schedule your liposuction consultation.

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