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Is Latissimus Flap Surgery for You?

Latissimus Flap surgery helps to reconstruct the breast using a flap, or skin graft, of skin located near the latissimus dorsi muscle of the back.  Once tissue is removed from this area to recreate the breast mound, it is tunneled under the skin around to the front of the chest. This breast reconstruction surgery technique is one of several flap surgeries available to those who have had one or both breasts removed due to a chronic illness such as breast cancer, or other surgery or treatment related to such a disease.

Doctors qualified to perform latissimus flap surgery must be extremely experienced and knowledgeable in this particular field of reconstructive surgery. At Bronx Plastic Surgery, our Board-certified surgeons Dr. Robert Goldstein and Dr. Heather Erhard are among the nation’s foremost authorities on this and other flap surgeries and related specialties. Beginning with a comprehensive consultation and all the way through to your post-surgery recovery, the surgeons and staff at Bronx Plastic Surgery are leaders in both outstanding results and exceptional customer service at their New York practice.

Bronx Plastic Surgery – Latissimus Flap Procedure

Upon extensive consultation with a Bronx Plastic Surgery expert, patients are typically deemed viable candidates for the latissimus flap surgery if they are in good general health and have proper healthy tissue available at the donor site on their back. When discussing your options and preparing for surgery, your doctor will go over with you what you might expect from both the procedure as well as the final results. If you would like more details about the latissimus flap technique, we are happy to provide more information or schedule your consultation today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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