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The I-GAP flap breast reconstruction is a technique that uses a flap (fat and skin) from the inferior buttock to reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy. IGAP stands for Inferior Gluteal Artery Perforator. A microsurgical, muscle-sparing technique is used, similar to that of the DIEP, SIEA, and SGAP flap procedures.

The I-GAP flap technique is one of the newer breast reconstruction procedures, and is a great option for many women because there is almost always enough fat and skin to harvest from the buttock area to make the right sized breast. Some advantages of this procedure are that the donor site is often improved by the operation, and the scar is completely concealed within the inferior buttock crease.

Candidates for I-GAP Flap

Many women can be good candidates for this procedure because it uses fat and skin from the buttock instead of the abdomen, which has many benefits. Ideal candidates for I-GAP are those who:

  1. Have a large buttock or a buttock with ample inferior buttock fat
  2. Require mostly fat and little skin
  3. Have more fat in the buttock area than in the abdominal area
  4. Do not have viable tissue in the abdomen to use as the donor site

I-GAP Procedure Overview

The I-GAP procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. The length of hospital stay is normally 4 to 5 nights after the operation. The recovery time takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks and during the first week, patients will need to visit the dressing clinic in the hospital to change their dressing and take out any drains.

I-GAP Flap Surgery in the Bronx

Contact us if you would like to get more information about I-GAP flap breast reconstruction surgery in the Bronx, or if you would like information about other options for reconstruction after mastectomy, including DIEP and SIEA flap procedures.

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