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A facelift has the power to dramatically reduce some common signs of facial aging, especially deep wrinkles and sagging excess skin on the face and/or neck. Facelifts are reserved for those seeking all-over rejuvenation, as opposed to those patients looking to simply correct one facial feature or area of the face in particular. With new and improved techniques designed to hide scarring and minimize recovery time, modern-day facelifts performed by the master surgeons at Bronx Plastic Surgery have a reputation for creating dramatic, yet natural results.

A facelift is intended to correct sagging of the upper, middle and lower face and create a smoother, more youthful look. Many patients seek a facelift because loss of muscle tone and/or excess skin on the lower face have created the appearance of jowls, a double chin or sagging of the cheeks. Deep creases below the eyes, as well as deep wrinkles around the nose and/or the corners of the mouth may also be corrected by facelift surgery.

Bronx Plastic Surgery expert, Dr. Robert Goldstein, has performed facelifts on a variety of plastic surgery candidates. After a thorough consultation to discuss your eligibility for a facelift or other possible facial procedure, Dr. Goldstein will help make sure you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and can also help you manage expectations and see similar patients’ results.

Bronx Plastic Surgery Facelift

We are in the business of ensuring you get the results you want from your treatment at Bronx Plastic Surgery. Our professionals are experienced in providing beautiful, natural results to every patient, no matter what kind of plastic surgery they pursue. At our practice, all doctors and staff are committed to a personalized approach at all stages of care, from pre-operative planning to staff-assisted recovery. And our facelift before and after photos show just a small selection of our many satisfied clients.

If you’re interested in a facelift at Bronx Plastic Surgery, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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