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DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction at Bronx Plastic Surgery

The Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) flap procedure utilizes the abdomen to supply the extra tissue that is necessary for breast reconstruction surgery. This innovative procedure allows for the blood vessels that are attached to the “flap” at the donor site on the abdomen to re-establish blood flow once they are moved to the new location on the chest.

The DIEP flap procedure is ideal for women looking to undergo breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, or other patients who may not have adequate replacement tissue near their breasts. An expert in this surgery, Dr. Erhard at Bronx Plastic Surgery is a trusted authority on the subject, and can advise on the best possible options considering your case and desired results.

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What to Expect from DIEP Flap Surgery

Eligibility for DIEP flap surgery varies according to each individual, but is a viable option for breast reconstruction for many women. Utilizing the abdomen as the donor site of the supplemental tissue that is needed for breast reconstruction surgery is typically a secure option for most patients, however your doctor should discuss all necessary precautions with you individually .

Dr. Erhard at Bronx Plastic Surgery may discuss the difference between the DIEP flap surgery and other flap procedures during your consultation. While the DIEP flap utilizes the abdomen as the donor site for the extra tissue needed to reconstruct the breasts, other options include GAP and SGAP flap techniques, among other possible solutions you may want to learn more about from Bronx Plastic Surgery.

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