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Are You Considering A Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction surgery can be a veritable lifesaver for women experiencing pain, discomfort or embarrassment due to oversized breasts. Many women carrying the extra weight of large breasts will begin to develop chronic back, shoulder or neck pain as a result of their disproportionate condition. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery to alleviate your symptoms and/or feel more confident, the experts at Bronx Plastic Surgery can help you.

The aim of breast reduction through plastic surgery is to remove excess fat and tissue from the oversized breasts and reshape the remaining tissue to create a smaller, well-balanced shape. At Bronx Plastic Surgery, renowned Board certified surgeon, Dr. Robert Goldstein, has performed many breast reduction procedures for a variety of satisfied patients over their years in practice in the Bronx and New York City. Our gallery of before and after breast reduction photos shows off some of our most memorable results.

Breast Reduction at Bronx Plastic Surgery

Our surgeon and staff at Bronx Plastic Surgery are pros when it comes to providing amazing results and excellent client care. We make sure to cater to your needs and we always create a personalized plan of care, just for you. Beginning with your initial consultation, we’ll make sure to go over your options, taking your expectations and desired results into account, and help you decide on a procedure that is right for you. With the help of the specialists at Bronx Plastic Surgery, there’s no need for oversized breasts to affect your health and hinder your daily activities any longer. Let us guide you on the road to transformation! Contact us today for an appointment.

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