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What is Perforator Flap Surgery?

Perforator Flap surgery is a type of reconstructive plastic surgery for the breast that utilizes a flap, or skin graft, typically donated from the abdomen or other site on the body, to rebuild the breasts. ¬†As a recent innovation in the field of plastic surgery, this revolutionary technique allows for the flap that is excised and reattached to retain the crucial tissue and blood vessels necessary to keep the skin graft healthy and able to be reintegrated into the body’s organic system. This procedure is commonly sought after by women who have suffered the loss of one or both breasts due to breast cancer surgery or treatment, among other cases.

The perforator flap method is just one of many leading-edge plastic surgery options available to you at Bronx Plastic Surgery. Our Board-certified surgeons Dr. Robert Goldstein and Dr. Heather Erhard have collective decades of experience in the industry, providing amazingly natural-looking results to their diverse clientele. Our aim is to help you achieve the body you want through our renowned cosmetic services.

Perforator Flap Procedure at Bronx Plastic Surgery

Ideal candidates for perforator flap surgery may range in age and body type, as this surgery can typically be performed on a wide variety of patients once a donor site is assessed for their particular case. As with any surgery, you should consult a trusted professional like the experts at our own Bronx Plastic Surgery practice. If you’re currently considering breast reconstruction surgery via the perforator flap method or would like more information, call us today to speak to our friendly and helpful staff!

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