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Breast reconstruction is gaining more and more awareness in the plastic surgery field. While most of us have heard about breast enhancement surgery and we know that breast implants are often used to enlarge or reshape the breasts, many people are not aware that there are often medical circumstances which may inspire women to undergo breast reconstruction. A single or double mastectomy due to breast cancer surgery or treatment, for example, may require one to have breast reconstruction surgery to regain the appearance of symmetry of her bust line.

Breast reconstruction may also be an option for those who are not happy with the results of a previous surgery or “botched boob job.” For this, many patients turn to the expert surgeons Dr. Robert Goldstein and Dr. Heather Erhard at Bronx Plastic Surgery for their detailed and precise work. Whatever your circumstances, breast reconstruction is designed to help restore your breasts to their natural fullness and shape, following a mastectomy or other transformative event.

Women who have elected to undergo breast reconstruction have several options for this surgery. The doctors at Bronx Plastic Surgery will discuss your options with you, and help you decide which one works best, given your body, your condition and your desired results. Doctors Goldstein and Erhard perform a wide variety of specialties at Bronx Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Erhard is among the nation’s top experts in perforator flap reconstructive surgery, a noted method of breast reconstruction techniques among several that are used by Board certified plastic surgeons today.

 Bronx Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction

At Bronx Plastic Surgery, we understand it may be a struggle to feel “normal” again after a mastectomy has claimed one or both of your breasts. Visiting Bronx Plastic Surgery for a consultation means we will be discreet and professional in helping to treat your individual plastic surgery needs. If you’re interested in discussing how breast reconstruction may improve your self-image and change your life, contact us today to get started. We can help you to get the results you want.

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