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A Lipectomy, or body lift, is a procedure utilized by plastic surgeons to dramatically streamline a patients body contours. While the procedure may sound extreme, a body lift typically involves four major target areas of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, groin, and thighs. A Lipectomy procedure is intended to remove sagging skin from the areas mentioned above and their surrounding sites on the body, creating a sleeker, slimmer contour along the body’s major lines.

During a body lift, excess skin is removed from the areas being treated, if necessary. Depending on whether the patient is getting a lift in some or all of the major target areas, the remaining tissue is then sculpted and ‘lifted’ in these areas to create a smoother surface, with the appearance of more elasticity and firmness of the skin. Performing the crucial incisions for this surgery on or around the abdomen (sometimes including the lower back), buttocks, groin (sometimes extending into the upper thigh or inner thigh), and thighs ensure minimal scarring and provides the most sensible points of access for sculpting the body along its natural curves.

As with any procedure, it is best to consult the expert surgeons at Bronx Plastic Surgery for a professional consultation before deciding on any surgery. We’ll take your desired results into consideration to develop an individualized course of treatment that is right for you. With our extensive medical experience and the help of innovative technology, we can help you to visualize your results. You can also see similar results of other patients who have transformed their bodies with a body lift.

Bronx Plastic Surgery Body Lift

At Bronx Plastic Surgery we strive to get you the results you want. Ideal candidates for a body lift are in good health and at a stable weight, with a medical history free of previous surgeries for major medical conditions. If you are eligible for this procedure, our helpful staff will walk you through the process of your surgery, from pre to post-op. Our plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Robert Goldstein, may recommend treatment, such as liposuction, to be used in conjunction with the body lift, if necessary. While recovery times vary, at Bronx Plastic Surgery we make every available effort to minimize disruptions to get you back to your normal schedule as soon as possible.

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